Okay, so after a long day out with Billy Holsten (best friend and convenient camera-man) I completed multiple many of the challenges posed by the book today. Although we only needed to complete one, we decided to do nine.

We will have video footage of today up, but first we need to do some editing, copy and pasting, bleeping, etc. So I will add it in as soon as possible. However, I will put in a brief summary of everything we did.

1.) Do one push-up.

This was pretty self-explanatory and easy. One push up. Got on the ground and did it. Nothing in that was making me famous, in fact it was pretty pointless. Not even a good work out.

2.) Learn to play “Chop-Sticks” on the piano.

This took me a bit longer. I already have some experience playing the piano but have never learned all of “chop-sticks”. So now all I had to do was look it up and play through it. Once again, nothing to demanding from this task.

3.) Jaywalk in a pedestrian area.

For this task, Billy and I walked out to Vail Road and I ran across the street in the middle of traffic…almost noticed by a cop. Then I realized that this is the first illegal thing I have done yet and hopefully there will be very few following it. I got through this task, once again, very easily. They weren’t kidding when they said that this would be a group of easy tasks.

4.) Say “yo” instead of “hello”.

This would have been an extremely easy task if I were anywhere but an overwhelming summer day in the Druid-Hill area of Parsippany. There was ultimately nobody walking around; all the normal joggers apparently don’t start until 6 PM on warm days. So Billy and I tried walking around the baseball complex and Druid-Hill looking for people to greet. After 15 minutes of seeing no one, we decided that we should start greeting the people driving slowly in cars. So I did, as Billy recorded. I got way more waves than i would have expected and apparently people in the neighborhood are really friendly. After a while, I greeted a small group of children on bikes and got a few ‘hello’s back. This was more difficult than the rest but not demanding. However I do feel a bit more friendly after the fact.

5.) Bookmark a new website.

Guess which site I bookmarked…exactly! https://thisbookwillchangemysenioryear.wordpress.comI suggest that you follow suit…please. Thank you. haha

6.) Give your genitalia pet names.

[I will leave the picture out of this one, haha]

To be perfectly honest, these were already named before the fact. Thanks to Francis Tabili and a lot of spare time during the Parsippany drama productions, we have come to naming my testicles “Martin” and “Ricky”. i will give him credit for that. But as of today, it is official.

7.) Decide which one of your toes is the prettiest.

I hate my feet. I am going to say that straight out. However, there is one toe that stands above the rest and is obviously superior. It is the middle one on my left foot. It is gorgeous. If I can marry a toe, and this toe was female, it would certainly be this one…okay, I may be taking it a bit to far. Main point: Mission Accomplished.

8.) Insult an insect.

This one took me two tries. Billy and I successfully located the ugliest ant we could find and continued to bombard it with insults ranging from “you filthy maggot” to  “you worthless piece of s**t”. This only lasted for about three seconds as a deer (hearing my profanity) ran right past me as to not be insulted. We, having a severe case of ADD, ran after the deer until we could no longer follow it in the woods.

Giving up with the chase, we came back to the ant where I continued the profanity until i decided that it was giving me sass and I squashed it. Were these past three tasks monumental, not in the least bit. But they were all something I would never think of doing, even if i were bored, so I feel like I am already broadening my horizons and I now have some stories. Think about it, “So, I was screaming shit at this ant, and I deer just popped out of the forest and we just chased it to the woods.” That sounds interesting to me. haha

9.) Go on a one minute hunger strike.

Now this is, at a glance, the easiest task of them all. I mean, come on, we don’t eat every minute so doesn’t that this task should already be completed… However, when you think about it, there are certain things you need for a strike (or else we are striking every second we are not eating). To properly strike, you need:

  1. A cause
  2. A demonstration
  3. Apparel

This said, I began my preparation for my brief hunger strike. First, I needed to find a cause, and I turned to my hero John Lennon for that. I decided that I would hunger strike for Peace. With this cause in mind, we took one of Billy’s plain white tees and wrote “Hunger Strike” with a peace sign in the middle. Next we took a cardboard box and wrote “Hunger Strike 4 Peace” on it, with a peace sign in the middle. This in hand, I put on my shirt, and headed to the island in the middle of Baldwin and Vail.

For a minute straight I displayed my demonstration screaming at nearby cars such phrases as, “No Peace, no food!”, “Give Peace a chance!”, and “Stop the War!”. This screaming (for a minute) got me absolutely nothing besides a lot of people stopping and/or waving to see what the hell I was doing. This was amongst the best things I have done all summer and I cant help I did something to end war throughout the world.

This was an interesting day, to say the least, and I already feel a bit more famous if not changed. People have laughed at me, honked at me, and greeted me all day. People I normally would have never interacted with. So far, all is good, no problems, and I am preparing for tomorrow’s task. See you all then.