Good morning everyone and anyone reading this. Today, it is time to start this experiment, so I woke up early to perform the task of today.

First, let me just repeat the introduction to this book:

If you follow this Book’s instructions, in a year’s time you will be famous, People will be writing all sorts of stuff about you, and will want to know exactly how the Book’s advice changed you. So make sure you note all changes day by day.

That said, let me introducte the first task which the Book asks me to complete:

As this is your day, you should warm up with an easy task that will only change your life a little bit.

  • Do one press up.
  • Perform a striptease (in private).
  • Triple-tie your shoe laces.
  • Learn to play “chop-sticks” on the piano.
  • Increase your typing speed by three words a minute.
  • Jaywalk in a pedestrian zone.
  • Set all your clocks to exactly the right time.
  • Whisper a white lie when no one’s listening.
  • Fantasize about your partner.
  • Use a different thickness comb.
  • Say “yo” instead of “hello”.
  • Hold the phone up to your other ear.
  • Tell someone your middle name.
  • Try a new sandwich filling.
  • Leave work five minutes early.
  • Bookmark a new website.
  • Give your genitalia pet names.
  • Decide which one of your toes is the prettiest.
  • Insult an insect.
  • Go on a one minute hunger strike.

So today, I have a lot of choices of very minute things, so I will try and do as many of them as humanly possible and will report back when they are completed. Normally, it is just one task (as this one is supposed to be) but I guess it wont hurt my ‘fame’ or ‘mental health’ to do more than one. haha

And for those who are daring enough, try completeing one of these tasks and comment telling me which one you did or a little about it. Good luck readers.