Well, today was a long day of continual video editing and out-takes of our video of the first day and intro material but I got through the day in one piece. However, being in the basement of either my or Billy’s house has left me little to no time to complete the task. Therefore, I had to make the most of any time spent around people.

I have no flashy pictures or video of today’s venture so you guys will just have to bare with me and believe that i am not lying. Throughout the day, from the moment I woke up to as I type, I gazed at people, longingly and lovingly. This included me staring at people until they had eye contact with me, and then sustaining that eye contact. After doing so, I would try and speak with them in a longing sweet way until they left disgusted or I say goodbye.

My day started off in downtown Lake Hiawatha at The Spa where I was WAY too friendly with our 50 year old. After gazing into her eyes as she waited for me to order my pancakes, I gave my order and then added she looked stunning today. She left with a smile on her face and I got the crunchiest hash-browns and best meal at The Spa that I ever had.

While eating at The Spa, I made it a point to look at everyone around me in the same way. I got a couple of ‘hellos’ from the group of old ladies sitting next to me and a very weird look from the old man I was staring at along the way. (For those who don’t know, at 9:00 AM The Spa is full of senior citizens so I am not just creepily hitting on old people).

Following this, I went to Billy’s house to work on the editing for Day 1 (it will be up soon, I am just waiting for it to process on google). I even looked at him longly until he threatened to beat the shit out of me. So we got to work on editing…and we kept doing it until just about now. I really didn’t see much more than people in The Spa today. However, I have completed the task with flying colors.

Although, once again, I have not made such a large impact in my life, I know that I brightened up some 50 y/o woman’s day and learned that a compliment here and there will get you some good potatoes. That is a lesson well learned and should not be taken for granted. Make sure that you stare lovingly at your nearest old person. That said, I am waiting for the video to upload but that should be on with in the next hour. Hope you watch!