Hey everyone, I realize that this is a late post but I was out at a party. I should NEVER wait this long to finish a task because I was running around the house flipping a shit about what I liked that I was going to throw out and ugh… I’m pooped.

Anyways, I had to come to a hard decision but I picked something near and dear to my heart. I decided I was going to throw out my Rolling Stones wallet. This might not seem like alot to anyone reading this but the Rolling Stones wallet was not only my first wallet but was also my current one until just about a minute ago).

So I took it out of my pant pocket, emptied all of the credit cards, ID, and money from it (so no use looking in my garbage for it for those in need of cash) and threw it away.

And there it is, in my trash can…I really feel bad. I have a sentimental attachment to it and feel like I should take it out, but I must continue the ‘experiment’. I cant break Day 3. That said, I will see you all tomorrow (which I will add, has a very uninteresting and non-demanding task) but I hope you will bare with me cause Day 5 is coming up with new video. See you all there!