Good evening readers! Once again, I am doing this blog really late into the day, but that is only because of the sheer simplicity of it. In fact, it is so simple I feel there is no need to right a blog post for the task and the story of my completion.

So for today, I was given a blank map in the book (below) and asked to fill it out.

I was to fill it out in this way. Green means that I have been there before. Blue means that I plan to go there within the year. Yellow means that I plan to go there sometime in my lifetime. And of course, Red mean I will never go there, ever, and I am happy about it. So this took me a whole…two minutes, after successfully finding Kyle’s crayons for this year. By the end, it looked like so:

As you can tell, I have been absolutely nowhere (probably because my parents hate flying) but as soon as i get any amount of money, I want to roam a bit around the world. Well, that was…once again…surprisingly easy. Tomorrow is not as easy though. I have already called Billy and we will be out early to get the next task on tape. The task will be up ASAP so those who don’t know what it is yet, it wont be up as late as today.