Good morning readers. Welcome to Day 5. I know that I have really got people excited for this day, saying how big it was, so let me move on to what the task is.

Today, in The Book, I was given an “Out of Order” sign.

The Book then instructs me:

Cut out and stick this sign on any given item of public infrastructure you might encounter today, including, but not limited to: elevators, garbage trucks, cranes, phone booths, toilets, ventilation units, escalators, entrances to subway stations. The aim is to achieve comprehensive social breakdown across the US.

This is obviously the most demanding task that I have had yet in my opinion. Though I doubt I will cause a social breakdown in the US, I am sure we are defenitly going to cause some sort of panic and mischieve. That said, Billy and I already have a plan for where we are sticking this sign (if we dont make copies and put it in more than one place.

Hopefully we can get the video filmed, edited, and online within the span of one day, but I will report on the progress on the following post. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not get in trouble but who knows. See you all later on.