Well, this is the epitome of my laziness. I have had my line done since…just about the end of the last post. I have just kept myself busy throughout the day, trying to finish my summer reading and working out, to actually write it down. So here is the opener of my novel:

Today was the same as yesterday, and will repeat tomorrow; it is inevitable.

Should I explain. Well, I had a hard time deciding whether I was writing a fiction based on my life, a biography, or a vampire chronicle, so i went for a sentence that would fit any and all occasions (as this one does). That, and I like the idea of repetitiveness in any of my writing. So there is the explanation. Today is done.

Once again, some of you guys may want to skip tomorrow. I donut know if i will even write the task. I will most likely scan it or just copy verbatim. Good night and see some of you tommorrow.