Good afternoon readers. One week down, 41 to go (?). Well, today is a new day, and I am still incredibly sick. i was up all night (reading Twilight [yeah, I am such a girl]) so that is why I am writing so late. I have kinda been in and out all day. So, it is a good thing that today isn’t too demanding.

 Your body is your temple. Cut out addictive substances for the day and see how much purer you feel.

Well, this is incredibly easy for me, seeing how not only do i not drink coffee, but I don’t drink anything that is not water. So I normally dont have caffeine anyway. All I really have to do is stay clear from gum and my Listerine stuff. Although, I guess it is arguable that I am addicted to Twilight, I will keep it only to the literal things. I guess I will have to control my massive heroin and cocaine addiction for today. lol, kidding.

I just want to add that there will be a video tomorrow and it will be a bit more…exciting…than the last one was so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for it. Until tonight.