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So, finally a task that is a little more fun. Today I am given a list of mass murders to pick from, with their address written down. My task is to brighten up one of their days by sending them a letter.

Okay, now I need to go get stamps. I will talk to you all later.

Once again, sorry for posting the next day… but I didn’t have much of a choice. Anyways, the task is completed. So here are my check marks to what my type is:
  • Dumb Blonde    [x]
  • Clever Brunette [x]
  • Wild Redhead    [  ]
  • Lesbian             [Only Jess, lol]
  • Nag                   [  ]
  • Cold Fish           [x]

Is it obvious that I’m not too picky when it comes to dating? Okay, so here is my critiques. In the past year I have had way more girlfriends (or things close enough to them) than I would normally have… ever. In fact, for all I know, I may be in a REALLY long distance relationship as a type. That said, let me write some observations on who I see I end up dating.


  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Pretty Eyes [preferably a deep blue]
here is an example
here is an example
  • Long Hair
  • Short or Tall
  • Pretty. Not hot or sexy. Just naturally pretty girls.


  • Now, I barely have any standards for this. I have dated the most bubbly people and in the same respect I have dated the most quiet person you can imagine. I really don’t know how I pick this. I guess if we are friends that’s a good start but I really don’t have a base for people i date.

Ok, all of that said, time to get on to the next task.

So today’s task is relatively uneventful. I am to pick my type of girl that I look for while dating. This, Im sure, will give you a little insight on me…but it is not very entertaining. I am given basically a miniature checklist with a couple of things to check in. Here is what is says, verbatim.

Tick it here today as reminder at drunken parties


  • Dumb blonde
  • Clever brunette
  • Wild redhead
  • Lesbian
  • Nag
  • Cold Fish


  • Beefcake
  • Mr. Nice Guy
  • Loaded
  • Married with kids
  • Sleezeball
  • Handsome prince

So, I am going to meet with Bill today and try to find the next day we will be able to make another video. Some… interesting… days are coming up very soon. And I will talk to you all when it is completed. See you all then.

Sorry for the long time for the Completion post but I had to wait for the kid to wake up before I could get a picture with him. Anyway, yesterday my brothers friend from the wonderful world of France came to visit and stay the night with us on his journey to America for the summer.

I don’t believe I had really ever talked to this kid while he lived in America but I decided yesterday I would not only properly introduce myself, but have some nice conversation… basically about hot french women and Rock Band. haha.

Here is the picture, his name is Nick Kazoglou and he used to live in Parsippany…but left a couple years ago. Picture is below. That is about it. He said that he would show the website to some people on the other side of the world. Ya’hear that! Now I am getting more famous. People in Europe will know me. As far as I see, the book is TOTALLY working. Anyways, Day 11 complete. NEW TASK!!!

Okay. So back from the blog hiatus. Sorry for writing the task so late and I have already completed it so the [Completed] portion isnt too far away. But let me get the summary of today up for y’all:

Day 11: Today introduce yourself to someone you know but never speak to


  • A Neighbor!

Talk About: The Weather, The Fence, Other Neighbors

  • A Colleague!

Talk About: The Coffee Machine, The Boss, Other Colleagues

  • A Shopkeeper!

Talk About: The Local Area News, Freshness of Produce, Other Shopkeepers

  • A Local Hooker!

Talk About:  Prices, Possible Discounts, Other Hookers

So… I already said I completed it. Will be up in a couple of minutes. Kthnxbaii.

As you can tell…there was no mass update. This is for a simple reason, let me just bring you up to speed on the situation.

Okay, I came back from Maine doing a vast multitude of various days. from writing to mass murders and killing things. However, i was unable to write stuff since my birthday was on the day of arrival. From that point on, I tried writing a comprehensive log of each day that had been missed (up to the standards that I had written the others on a GIGANTIC log. It consists of 15 pages worth currently. However, it would take me about a day to write one full one w/pictures… and by that time, I had at that point missed ANOTHER day of writing for my agenda. So basically, I have an enormous amount of days written but am still one week behind and that will not change seeing my pace. That is why…. I thought of a solution while at North Carolina.

I can proudly claim I have completed every day up to this point… but I am going to start over from Day 10. Technically I have never missed a day and thusly not broken a rule… It just means I will have a bit of a longer year but oh well. So, I am starting again today at Day 11 and just going to repeat some tasks I have already done. This gives me a lot less to do ((=DDDDD)) and also I can put some videos of stuff I REALLY wanted to do but never got the time for.

So Im back again, hopefully I can get my readers back. And I promise NO MORE breaks. I have a vacation in another couple of weeks but I already have the days planned out and the nearest Starbucks located so i will be able to update. That said… Day 11. Here we go.

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