Sorry for the long time for the Completion post but I had to wait for the kid to wake up before I could get a picture with him. Anyway, yesterday my brothers friend from the wonderful world of France came to visit and stay the night with us on his journey to America for the summer.

I don’t believe I had really ever talked to this kid while he lived in America but I decided yesterday I would not only properly introduce myself, but have some nice conversation… basically about hot french women and Rock Band. haha.

Here is the picture, his name is Nick Kazoglou and he used to live in Parsippany…but left a couple years ago. Picture is below. That is about it. He said that he would show the website to some people on the other side of the world. Ya’hear that! Now I am getting more famous. People in Europe will know me. As far as I see, the book is TOTALLY working. Anyways, Day 11 complete. NEW TASK!!!