As you can tell…there was no mass update. This is for a simple reason, let me just bring you up to speed on the situation.

Okay, I came back from Maine doing a vast multitude of various days. from writing to mass murders and killing things. However, i was unable to write stuff since my birthday was on the day of arrival. From that point on, I tried writing a comprehensive log of each day that had been missed (up to the standards that I had written the others on a GIGANTIC log. It consists of 15 pages worth currently. However, it would take me about a day to write one full one w/pictures… and by that time, I had at that point missed ANOTHER day of writing for my agenda. So basically, I have an enormous amount of days written but am still one week behind and that will not change seeing my pace. That is why…. I thought of a solution while at North Carolina.

I can proudly claim I have completed every day up to this point… but I am going to start over from Day 10. Technically I have never missed a day and thusly not broken a rule… It just means I will have a bit of a longer year but oh well. So, I am starting again today at Day 11 and just going to repeat some tasks I have already done. This gives me a lot less to do ((=DDDDD)) and also I can put some videos of stuff I REALLY wanted to do but never got the time for.

So Im back again, hopefully I can get my readers back. And I promise NO MORE breaks. I have a vacation in another couple of weeks but I already have the days planned out and the nearest Starbucks located so i will be able to update. That said… Day 11. Here we go.