Before I go on, let me intoduce myself. My name is Louis Contaldi. I am a sixteen-year-old senior at Parsippany High School (though I higly doubt that people outside of my home will be looking me up). I am young, strapping, spry, religious (sort of), politically active, dramatic, etc.. Normal in basically every turn. I come from a family of three siblings, well to do parents, a healthy childhood, a great education…and I realize that this leaves my life pretty boring, bland, and with a lack of stories/expirience/humor. I want my senior year to be as interesting as humanly possible. That is basically why I am performing this, lets call it, “Social Experiment”.

Picture of Me

What do I mean by this? Within the upcoming months I will have to perform these following tasks and MUCH more without complaint:

  • Write a letter to a serial killer
  • Fake a crime IN FRONT of the Police Station
  • Walk around with a cross on my back
  • Expirience a day without one of the senses
  • Take a cold shower
  • Stockpile as much free sugar as possible
  • Eat 100 oz. of cheese

And this is the tip of the iceberg, there are much more disgusting, spontaneous, ingenious, and possibly illegal things that will come across my path. There are my limits though… therefore I will try my best not to absolutely demolish my morals, esteem, or body like by smoking 100 cigarettes or travel to France. Also, if i absolutley need my break (a.e. Florida vacation, Main vacation, or for instance if I would have to speak in quesitons throughout a college interview) I will skip a day.

Everyday, I will tell you what my project is for the day, what day I am at, how the situation went down, and hopefully I will have a video of it for everyone to see and laugh at me about. This blog is also for me though. Although I start it for the project, I will also be using it to act as a personal memoir and journal of this year to outline some thoughts and feelings, so feel free to read up on it if you wish, or you can just follow my trip to insanity via THE BOOK. I hope all of my friends encourage and don’t judge me on my actions throughout the year for they will be [much] different than my normal complaceny and classiness. haha

That said, the rules outlined, myself introduced, and this book bought, as of June 24th, 2008 at 5:53, I dub this blog started and I wish the best to my future self.

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