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So, finally a task that is a little more fun. Today I am given a list of mass murders to pick from, with their address written down. My task is to brighten up one of their days by sending them a letter.

Okay, now I need to go get stamps. I will talk to you all later.

Once again, sorry for posting the next day… but I didn’t have much of a choice. Anyways, the task is completed. So here are my check marks to what my type is:
  • Dumb Blonde    [x]
  • Clever Brunette [x]
  • Wild Redhead    [  ]
  • Lesbian             [Only Jess, lol]
  • Nag                   [  ]
  • Cold Fish           [x]

Is it obvious that I’m not too picky when it comes to dating? Okay, so here is my critiques. In the past year I have had way more girlfriends (or things close enough to them) than I would normally have… ever. In fact, for all I know, I may be in a REALLY long distance relationship as a type. That said, let me write some observations on who I see I end up dating.


  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Pretty Eyes [preferably a deep blue]
here is an example
here is an example
  • Long Hair
  • Short or Tall
  • Pretty. Not hot or sexy. Just naturally pretty girls.


  • Now, I barely have any standards for this. I have dated the most bubbly people and in the same respect I have dated the most quiet person you can imagine. I really don’t know how I pick this. I guess if we are friends that’s a good start but I really don’t have a base for people i date.

Ok, all of that said, time to get on to the next task.

So today’s task is relatively uneventful. I am to pick my type of girl that I look for while dating. This, Im sure, will give you a little insight on me…but it is not very entertaining. I am given basically a miniature checklist with a couple of things to check in. Here is what is says, verbatim.

Tick it here today as reminder at drunken parties


  • Dumb blonde
  • Clever brunette
  • Wild redhead
  • Lesbian
  • Nag
  • Cold Fish


  • Beefcake
  • Mr. Nice Guy
  • Loaded
  • Married with kids
  • Sleezeball
  • Handsome prince

So, I am going to meet with Bill today and try to find the next day we will be able to make another video. Some… interesting… days are coming up very soon. And I will talk to you all when it is completed. See you all then.

Alright everyone, I am finally back from Day 10…kidding. For those who know me, I have been in Maine for the past week. The reason I haven’t been updating is because I was on vacation. I did think I was gonna be able to update since there was wifi there (supposedly). Turns out they lied to us.

Then, I tried using my aunt’s computer but she was paranoid that I was going to look at porn sites and get viruses (which seems ironic because she goes on those fake casino sites w/plenty of viruses) so whatever. Then Ive been busy since I got back preparing for bithday stuff, party, liscence. However, I have dutifully done EVERY DAY in the book and i will have a MASS UPDATE up sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

I will see you all then.

Today I am told to take a day off. I am doing so, gladly. See you tomorrow.

Good afternoon readers. Technically I am already done with today’s task, but I was too exhausted to post what the task was before or after returning. I guess I still havent fully caught up on sleep yet. That said, let me say the task:

Today, you are to do something before 5 AM

Turns out we had a loooooonnnnng morning with a lot of filming so I will get back with a summary of today and a video. See you then.

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