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Alright, so let me just post the video before I put the synopsis of what I did today. We got all the editing done within about an hour or two of starting which just shows we are getting better at this.

For all those looking on Facebook:

I said that we may not have another video up for a while, and that is because a mix of vacations and a lack of interesting tasks. But we wanted to test out an experiment, so we will try and tape it and get it online. Don’t worry, it will be very funny.


Looks like we were able to not only complete the task, but we also got it filmed, edited, and online within hours. Here is the footage, an in depth description of our events will be posted sometime tonight. Hope you enjoy:

And for those of you on facebook:

In this video, Billy makes a few special appearances. There is more to the story than what is on the video, but I will type that in later when I am not as lethargic. Editing takes a lot out of you (Windows Movie Maker likes playing ‘mental games’).

Our video clip is fully edited, with intro, credits, and censoring (yes there was cursing).

For those looking on Facebook, the video is here:

I hope you appreciate the work Billy and I put into the editing of this video and you can def. expect more from us. Please comment on what you think… or you can Aim me. Whatever. Now you can visually see what I mean when I said I was on a hunger strike for peace and violently cursing out this poor ant.

Last but not least, I have to mention that today is not yet over, so therefore Task 2 is still in session. In the time between posts, I have found the love of my life, lets call her Tiger [picture below]. She is younger than me, wheres a pink necklace, and has stunning green eyes. We are already living together. Well, that brings us to an end of today so I will update you all on the new task tomorrow. Nothing much to prepare for, it is pretty simple. See you soon. 

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