Good afternoon readers. Technically I am already done with today’s task, but I was too exhausted to post what the task was before or after returning. I guess I still havent fully caught up on sleep yet. That said, let me say the task:

Today, you are to do something before 5 AM

Turns out we had a loooooonnnnng morning with a lot of filming so I will get back with a summary of today and a video. See you then.


So I finished today…or should I say yesterday, without much hassle. The only thing that really bothered me is that I did not get to use my Listerine until midnight. You cant imagine how dirty my mouth felt today, and that is one of my biggest pet peeves. That said, I am getting ready for the next task…which will be up soon.

However, I have to retract my video statement. We’ve had to change our plans. We will still have something but it will be far less interesting than one I originally had in mind.

Good afternoon readers. One week down, 41 to go (?). Well, today is a new day, and I am still incredibly sick. i was up all night (reading Twilight [yeah, I am such a girl]) so that is why I am writing so late. I have kinda been in and out all day. So, it is a good thing that today isn’t too demanding.

 Your body is your temple. Cut out addictive substances for the day and see how much purer you feel.

Well, this is incredibly easy for me, seeing how not only do i not drink coffee, but I don’t drink anything that is not water. So I normally dont have caffeine anyway. All I really have to do is stay clear from gum and my Listerine stuff. Although, I guess it is arguable that I am addicted to Twilight, I will keep it only to the literal things. I guess I will have to control my massive heroin and cocaine addiction for today. lol, kidding.

I just want to add that there will be a video tomorrow and it will be a bit more…exciting…than the last one was so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for it. Until tonight.

Im really sick right now. I think God is punishing me for doing today’s task. That is my best guess. However, I never really have much luck with guessing the cause of my symptoms. Like how I believe that the reason my armpit is turning green is because I am turning into the hulk… it can happen. My doctor agreed with me (but this is only highlighting my need for a more professional pediatrician). See ya tomorrow everyone. Hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit better. =D

This is what happens when you make Louis mad!

…enough said. See you tomorrow.

I’m just copying the whole page verbatim out of the book. No need for pictures. No need for video. No need for commentary:

Day 7

Masturbate at 13:56 to the following fantasy:


Dark storm clouds were gathering over the Alpine mountain top as Emma finally reached the refuge. Where were the others? Where was her husband Edward? Perhaps they had fallen behind and taken the safe track back toward St-Paul-des-Cleres and civilization, she wondered. Well there was no point in panicking now. Night was falling fast, and she would have to spend it up here all alone at the mercy of these peaks. Exhausted, she entered the deserted cabin and barely had time to strip off her drenched clothes and slip into the thermal sleeping bag that Edward had thoughtfully given her for their sixth anniversary, before a deep slumber overtook her naked body.

As even the moon retreated from the inhospitable horizon, strange and fitful dreams came upon her. She tossed and turned in the night, her feverish brow victim to wild imaginings, full of visions of werewolf-like creatures creeping around the cabin, circling, surrounding her with deep-breathing low whistles that seemed to hiss and crackle like FIRE?!!! Emma opened her eyes and shrieked in the empty night. There, across the room, stood the tall, dark stranger. She held her breath in terror as he looked up from the fire he had lit in the wide hearth and stared at her inscrutably. His eyes seemed to contain worlds beyond her ken.

“Who – who are you? What do you want?” she cried. The man made no reply, but simply tossed another log onto the fire with barely a flicker of his powerful deep-veined forearm. He breathed in deeply, closing his eyes. Emma’s voice was trembling.

“Look, now, I don’t know what is going on but…”

He silenced her with a look from his piercing green eyes that seemed to cut right through her. Before she even realized what she was doing, Emma raced through the door in a mad dash for freedom, through the door and out into a thick curtain of rain lashing down over her exposed skin. He caught up with her easily, his strong arms grabbing her by the waist and hauling her back into the cabin. She writhed desperately in his grip until she could no more. He held her still, stared into her eyes and finally spoke in halting English, in the manner of one eho seemed to be above words.

“Don’t. It is too dangerous out there for you. You are safe here with me.”

And somehow she knew this was so.

The fire dispensed a low glow to the room. Before she had even recovered from the onslaught of the elements, she was trapped in an embrace as powerful as any of Nature’s Furies. As the storm raged on outside, she stared into the infinite depth of his eyes. And then he was upon her, touching her deep within, roughly of course but with infinite tenderness. Suddenly lightning struck a tree nearby, while its thunder covered her animal moans. He held her tight for what seemed to be an eternity, until the first light of dawn broke the enchanting spell the mountain Gods had woven around them. And he was gone, as swiftly as he had come. Was it but a dream? Emma wondered wistfully, as she drifted off back to sleep smiling, her brow no longer troubled.


Two blondes. Doing it. Together

Well, this is the epitome of my laziness. I have had my line done since…just about the end of the last post. I have just kept myself busy throughout the day, trying to finish my summer reading and working out, to actually write it down. So here is the opener of my novel:

Today was the same as yesterday, and will repeat tomorrow; it is inevitable.

Should I explain. Well, I had a hard time deciding whether I was writing a fiction based on my life, a biography, or a vampire chronicle, so i went for a sentence that would fit any and all occasions (as this one does). That, and I like the idea of repetitiveness in any of my writing. So there is the explanation. Today is done.

Once again, some of you guys may want to skip tomorrow. I donut know if i will even write the task. I will most likely scan it or just copy verbatim. Good night and see some of you tommorrow.

Good…um…noontime reagers, I guess I am starting this task pretty late no thanks to some bitch who decided to wake me up at 5:00 just to piss me off (just kidding Christina XP). Anyways, on to today’s task.


Okay, so the task the book gave to me today is:

Today, write the opening sentence of my debut novel:

and it then gave me some good examples to get me started. For instance:

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. – Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
  • Mother died today. – L’Estanger, Albert Camus
  • It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. – 1984, George Orwell

Today’s task seems simple enough, seeing how I am a writer to some extent (if we ignore my major speling misktakes and the with grammer [lol, jk]). I will tell you my line when we are done. By the way, peeked at tomorrow. It is very explicit and those of week stomachs may not want to read. I will not be including any pictures or video and you will understand why…

Good evening readers, well today was long day. I had to wait for Billy to get off work, plan out our motives, get the camera prepped, etc… but let me backtrack a bit.

Yesterday, Billy and I called each other up as we were trying to pick where an “Out-of-Order” sign would work most effectively. Should we put it by the cranes by PHS? No, constuction workers would certainly be able to tell it is fake. How about in a freezer in Pathmark? Well, that would work, but how would we catch somebody falling for the prank?

Then we came up with the perfect idea. The McDonalds drive-thru. It is the perfect place for an “Out-of-Order” sign to go. It is completely away from any management or employees (being the nature of a “drive-thru”), it is entirely visible, and if properly done, can cause massive confusion by both management and the customers. We talked out how it was gonna work, but from that point the plan was set.

So, I waited for 2 for Billy to get off work and I met him at his house. There, we set up the battle plan. We were going to sit across from the drive-thru, throw the signs up, and buy ourselves lunch to make us look as inconspicuous as possible sitting there on the curb. We then photocopied two of the “Out-of-Order” signs on the book (seen below).


After copying these signs, we headed down to McDonalds. We walked inside, keeping the “Out-of-Order” signs and the camera hidden from sight, and ordered ourselves lunch. Billy got a cheeseburger with no pickles and a small soda. I myself got a plain cheeseburger, a small french fry, and a small water.

We then went outside and took the two signs. The big sign was put on the order menu before the speakers, and the small colored one was put up by Billy on the speaker itself. We sat back and waited for the first car to come through… which did not take very long at all. The first came rolling in almost as soon as we had put the sign up. However (as seen in the video) they ignored both and just ordered. My theory is that they saw me putting up the signs which why they were not so easily fooled.

Then, we waited…and waited…and waited. But finally the second car came rolling through (also in the video). It paused at the first order menu and stared at the sign. Then quickly moved along to the next menu/speaker, saw the second sign and drove right on through. At this point Bill and I started laughing our asses off.

We waited for the next car to come, but within the next minute, we saw the manager (whom we will call Mr. L) come out, rush to the drive-thru menu, look at us, look at the sign again, look at us again, and yelled (humorously), “Get this shit off!” He then, tore it off himself and walked back into the store. We followed him in, to explain why we were doing it and to thank him for taking the whole situation so lightly.

He thought the project was funny and said that he would check out the website (but he did not want his name, picture, or image on the site for management purposes which is why that part is not in the film). He then recounted on the mayhem we caused. Apparently, the customer we tricked, rushed up to the pick-up window and ordered there. Mr. L told us, downright she was a bitch. The conversation went something like this:

Mr. L: (confused) Hello?

Bitch: Why the hell isn’t the drive-thru working.

Mr. L: What? Im not sure what you are talking about. It is working.

Bitch: Then WHY would you put an ‘Out-of-Order” sign on it?! Huh?

Mr. L: Mam, we didn’t put any sign out there, but I will go check it out. Now what would you like?…

We then apologized for any trouble we caused and shook his hand and were off into the pouring rain. we had to walk all the way home. I guess it was karma in a way. But mission accomplished, we confused and screwed with at least one customer and I am already getting a good April Fool’s Day prank as an idea. I would call the “Out-of-Order” sign a success. That said, we have some easy tasks for the upcoming days, but I will keep you posted with all of my doings. Until next time.

Looks like we were able to not only complete the task, but we also got it filmed, edited, and online within hours. Here is the footage, an in depth description of our events will be posted sometime tonight. Hope you enjoy:

And for those of you on facebook:

In this video, Billy makes a few special appearances. There is more to the story than what is on the video, but I will type that in later when I am not as lethargic. Editing takes a lot out of you (Windows Movie Maker likes playing ‘mental games’).

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