Okay, so now that I have taken a day to clear my mind, let me intoduce the rules to this ‘social experiment’. Here they are, plain and simple:

  1. Purchase This Book Will Change Your Life (or read my blog)
  2. Before every day, read the upcoming task and create a battleplan to complete it
  3. Perfrorm the task without breaking ANY of the rules
  4. Record some evidence of me completeing the task and then post about it
  5. Rinse and Repeat

I know in a few cases, I will use some loopholes to my advantage and on other days, I may have to skip it entirley. For example, I only drink water, so getting myself wasted (as per one of the days) is out of my league unless something changes. Also, I will not take a ‘vow of silence’ during one of my shows.

That is it, feel free to join in my fun for yourself and see how many you can do ro make this senior year the most memorable ever.